Many day traders looking for Best Mouse For Day Trading are looking at best gaming mice which is not correct. For best day trading mouse one needs to consider best ergonomic design and best sensors.

Many people try gaming mouse for their day trading experience but they don’t get the best result in this case because best gaming mouse are designed with many properties according to gamers need which can not meet requirement of day trader in some cases. Day trader generally requires a specific type of best mouse regarding suitable sensor, shape and size of hand grip etc.  Which will help him in maximum efficiency during his work. So we have presented here the list of our top five best day trading mouse after comparison with all requirements such as sensor types, weight, grip type, best sensors etc.

List Of Best Mouse For Day Trading:

GamingSigma best day trading mouse list is as follows:

1. Best Mouse for Day Trading:  Logitech G400s

The best ergonomic best mouse for day trading and full time gaming is without any doubt the g400s from logitech which comes under budget of around $39. If you are a gamer or day trader then it is best choice for you because its design is very suitable for both of these games like best sensor (opto-mechanical), best CPI (400-4000), best resolution, best weight etc if you are looking for best mouse for day trading so nothing can beat this best day trading mouse.


Logitech G400s best mouse for day trading have best laser best sensor which provide best accuracy and best smoothness during long gaming session.

G400s best mouse for day trading also come with best weight system so that user can change the weight of this best mouse according to its hand grip type anytime he want to.

4000 DPI makes it more efficient after attaching best DPI dongle which increase its speed up to 20% by making 2000-4000CPI range.

Pros & Cons

  • Ergonomic Design

  • Best sensor (opto-mechanical)

  • Best CPI (4000)

  • Best resolution

  • best weight system.

  • Low durability and problem with click buttons.

2. Best Budget: Corsair Raptor M45 best Mouse For Day Trading:

Very Good shape and design for best day trading mouse which provides user best grip, very good optical best sensor which gives very good advantage at low budget FPS games as well as in long trading session. This one is not so much efficient if compared to above Logitech g400s but its price is also less than it i.e $39 so can’t complain much about this . Its design is quite interesting because of whole body made up of matte best finish best material which makes it best best mouse for day trading in its price range under $40.


Corsair Raptor best night gaming mouse have best optical best sensor which is very good when compared with other best sensors at this price. It gives accurate cursor movement but not that much fast as laser best mice are, so if you are playing CS-GO or you need to use sniper then choose another best mouse for day trading because this one does not supports DPIs above 2000.

CORSOR M45 comes with adjustable weight which allows user to change the weight up to 18 gram according to his hand grip type, palm size etc. best best weight system allows best grip and best best performance at same time.

Best optical best sensor provide maximum resolution up to 5000 FPS which is not so much bad for best day trading mouse even if you are playing CSGO or other FPS games this best resolution will help you out.

Pros & Cons

  • Best weight system.

  • Best Grip.

  • Best Sensor.

  • Very good Design & Shape,

  • Not that much efficient as Logitech g400s for best day trading .

3. Steel Series Rival Best Day Trading Mouse :-

This one is quite different from the above two best mice because of its design, shape etc but it provides best best performance for best day trading because its best sensor is one of best best sensor in gaming mouse industry.


Rival best night gaming mouse from Steel Series has latest best Pixart best sensor “ADNS 3361” which is very accurate and sensitive at the same time with a resolution up to 16000 DPI which makes it more efficient during long term day trading session, you can change its DPI according to your requirement on the fly.

Rival best mouse for day trading provide maximum resolution 20 times per second with a framerate up to 12000 frames per second, this feature helps gamer while playing games like CSGO or other FPS game where user need best best precision and best best accuracy with a high framerate.

It have best best Pixart ADNS 3361 best sensor which is one of the best best sensor available in the market today, so you don’t need to worry about its best best performance.

This best mouse for day trading comes with rubber coated body which ensures user’s grip on this device even during long term gaming session because of its matte finish body made up of Teflon materials.

Pros & Cons

  • Very good Design & Shape which provides perfect grip .
  • Top notch optical sensor (ADNS 3361)
  • Best resolutions up to 16000 DPI.
  • Best durability and quality parts.
  • Best weight system up to 27 gram.
  • None

4. Best mouse for day trading Logitech G502:-

Logitech is best known brands in the world of best best mice, they provide some best best features at a very reasonable price which is not available in any other brand wireless or best best cable, its shape is also unique due to its design and weight system.


Logitech g500s have latest version “Pixart PMW3366” which is most advanced best sensor till date with a resolution up to 12000 DPI , It provides best perfect high accuracy with a high framerate that makes it more efficient during long term trading session even if you are best best best mouse for day trading.

Best  gaming mouse for day trading have rubber coated body which provides best comfort to user’s hand even during long term best best performance, its shape is designed with Teflon materials that ensures perfect best grip.

G502 best Mouse from Logitech has one of the best best sensors “Pixart PMW3366” which is not available in any other device at this price range or even above this price range, so don’t think much about it just go ahead and buy it.

This one provides maximum resolution 12000 DPI with a framerate up to 500HZ , you can change its DPI according to your best best requirement on the fly.

Another best best feature of this best mouse for day trading is its weight system which helps in best best control over cursor while playing games like CSGO or other FPS game, it has up to 5 3.6g weights that allows gamer to change its weight system according to their grip and hand size during long term gaming session, It also have best best aesthetics design with RGB lighting so you can show off your device before your friends .

Pros & Cons

  • Top notch performance.
  • Best weight system up to 27 gram.

  • Best Sensor “Pixart PMW3366” .

  • Best resolutions up to 12000 DPI.
  • Non at all.

5. Best mouse for day trading Razer Naga:-

This Mouse is made only for the best best users who are in search of best best devices, it’s design specialy crafted for MMO gamers so they can play game like league or other games like that easily because its well designed buttons helps user to perform different task easily during high loot situations (best scenario).

Razer Naga comes with 17 MMO optimized programmable buttons which changes according to user’s need very easy and efficient to use, you can easy set your hotkeys according to your requirement without any problem.

It has total 5 3.6g weights which allows best best best best best best Razer naga is best best best best best type of mouse which is available in the market, if you are looking for a wireless, Best Best best best or cable mouse than you should go with Razer Naga.

Pros & Cons

  • Best Sensor “Pixart ADNS 3988”.

  • Best Weight System.

  • Wireless connectivity.

  • Customizable Buttons.
  • No cons.

Conclusion Best Mouse For Day Trading:

Best device for day trading is mouse, as it does not provide much advantages to trader but it will help them to make their work easier during long term sessions. Mouse provides perfect grip and efficient tracking capabilities during large number of hours of use, so Traders need to choose best mouse for day trading if they are looking forward to get maximum output from their devices.

It’s all about which one you can afford among these 5 best devices listed above, I prefer Razer Naga best because its specs are unbeatable at this price point then why should we waste time thinking about other option when Razer naga is only option that matter in the end of the day.

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